Wednesday, 4 May 2011

World medicine rankings out

QS, whose rankings were previously associated with Times Higher Education until the latter partnered with Thomson Reuters two years ago, has released its world university rankings on Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology (this might not be obvious but Life Sciences was broken down into these three, each with their own rankings). By the end of this May, QS will have released rankings for 33 subjects. No doubt, unis like Harvard, Cambridge and MIT topped this list. But considering there are only 21 medical schools in Australia and New Zealand (compard to 159 in the US and 32 in the UK), we have faired alright.

Here's a compilation of the ranked unis in Australia and New Zealand for Medicine.
AUS/NZ rankWorld rank
115The University of Melbourne
229The University of Sydney
333The University of Queensland
436Monash University
539The University of Auckland
646Australian National University
751-100The University of Adelaide
851-100The University of New South Wales
951-100University of Otago
1051-100The University of Western Australia
11101-150University of Newcastle
12151-200Flinders University
13151-200Macquarie University

And yes I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that league tables should be treated with caution. The methodology behind this particularly ranking is, in a nutshell, 50% academic reputation; 10% employer reputation and 40% citations per paper.

This is another ranking by THE/Thomson Reuters of the top 50 unis in clinical, pre-clinical and health-related subjects.

On a very different note, Bundaberg Hospital is back in the news (okay local paper for now) again with a woman who had a miscarriage saying that "the doctor who treated me in the emergency department refused to touch me while I lay haemorrhaging for an hour, as he was disgusted by the amount of blood I was covered in."


  1. Yes, the league tables should definitely be treated with caution. I can certainly identify a few pitholes in the Melbourne Uni Medical Curriculum!

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter as much which Uni you graduated from when you're applying for Internship position. HOWEVER for Victoria state, they look at your GPA in the Medical degree.

  2. They look at your GPA when applying for internship in Victoria? That's certainly news to me. In ACT, everybody gets a spot (for now). And there is only one hospital that accepts interns. Cheers mate.